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The blog’s name stemmed from B’s love for strawberries and the French language. Fraise is strawberry in French, but she wanted it to sound better so she added an extra ‘i’ which turned out to be ‘Fraisie’. B’s strawberries, but cuter. Simple. 

B is located in England and is about to be a Law student at university. The aim of her blog is to help others become the best version of themselves and help them live their best lives, as she writes about health, wellbeing and everything in between with a slight touch of her sarcastic humour.

In her spare time, other than reading, writing, painting and watching (too much) Netflix, B loves to learn more about life. So far, she has obtained a diploma in The Science of Well-Being on a course at Yale University, and is currently undertaking online courses on meditation, the Law of Attraction, neuro linguistic programming, a criminology diploma as well as becoming an eating psychology coach.   

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B x